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Zincite Crystals from Poland Rare Bulk Deal 100 Grams

Zincite Crystals from Poland Rare Bulk Deal 100 Grams

Zincite Crystals from Poland Rare

Zincite Crystals from Poland Rare
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Rare Zincite Crystals ... Poland

Usually much dearer : mainly oranges, silvers, greens, yellows: ... Beautiful

5 grams supplied (approx 3-6 pieces) varying in length - mainly cluster formations.

Price is based on weight of 5 grams not size.

Please read information below on these beautiful healing crystals

Picture is to show example of what they will look like (this is one listing amount in photograph) - supplied in plastic pouch

Zincite is a modern crystal for modern times. Zincite was created when a mine caught fire in Poland, when it eventually went out, they found these crystals inside.

There was also a very old smoke stack within the same complex which also had the same crystals in it.It is powerful as a group meditation tool, especially for lightworkers that are working towards a common cause.It is also good for hair, skin and nails. It helps provide physical and creative energy to the body s systems. It is very rare - and this Zincite comes from Poland. Zincite is Orange, Red, silver, green, blues, which are all really very beautiful.Zincite has a metallic feeling to it. It is

The Crystal of Creativity. It is a partner of Malachite and Citrine in purifying the fundamental process of Manifesting/creating whatever we send out.Red and Orange Zincite particulary energize the Sacral Chakra (abdominal area) - the centre of personal creative power. Green Zincite stimulates creation with love from the heart, and taking creative inspiration from Mother Nature.

More Information
Crystal Type by Name Zincite
Crystal Size 10-20mm
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