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Small Shungite Tile

Shungite Shungit 50mm 2" Electromagnetic Protection Plate Board Coaster Tile

Circular Shungite Mobile Phone Protection

Shungite 30mm Electromagnetic Protection Plate Sticker for Mobile Devices x1

Shungite 20mm Electromagnetic Protection Plate Sticker for Mobile Devices x1

  • Mini 20mm Shungite Plate
  • For Mobile Devices
  • Electromagnetic Protection
Availability: In stock

20mm Shungite Polished Round - With sticker on for attachment to devices

(We have various sizes - this is the smallest we sell)

PERFECT for attatching to electronic devices!

Shungite - Shungite is an amazing discovery from Karelia, Russia. It is around 2.2 billion years old! Shungite contains Carbon which is unique; it has fullerenes which is rarely found in nature and is known to have neutralising and detoxifying affects. When used in drinking water Shungite is said to purify the water. When we drink this water it works with our bodies to create balance; eliminating toxins and encouraging health. When used around us and placed on or near our electronic devices Shungite has been scientifically proven to assist with protection from electromagnetic stress / radiation!

Approx Maximum Measurement: 20mm/2cm

Photograph for Illustration - Please note the sticker area may differ - 1 Supplied

More Information
Crystal Type by Name Shungite
Crystal Size 10-20mm
Crystal Healing Properties & Meanings Allergies, Arthritis, Bones & Joints, Asthma & Breathing, Balance, Blockages, Cancer, Depression, Fatigue & Stress, Geopathic & Electromagnetic Stress, Grounding, Headaches & Migraine, Health (General), Hormones & Mood Swings, Immune System, Pain Healing (Physical), Protection & Negativity
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