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Quartz Healing Meditation Tool Set Dorje Phurba in pouches

Quartz Healing Meditation Tool Set Dorje Phurba in pouches

Quartz Star of David Metaphysical Healing Tool - Hexagon Design

Quartz Star of David Metaphysical Healing Tool - Hexagon Design

Quartz Singing Crystals Wands Points

Quartz Singing Crystals Wands Points
Availability: Out of stock

Quartz Singing Crystals 15 grams supplied (around 6-14 pieces)

Price is for weight - size and amount as a guide only. Varying length up to 5cms - Great Price

Please read information below on these beautiful natural Quartz singing healing crystals

Picture is to show example of what they will look like - supplied in plastic pouch

Singing quartz crystals are similar in configuration to the laser wand configuration, usually smaller. They have a clear sweet resonance when gently allowed to touch another and, are thought to have been developed by thought projection during visitation from other planetary beings, which were close to the Earth in spacecraft. They share a common sound and contain a solution to obstacles of communication with respect to the sending and receiving of messages between the Earth plane and extra-terrestrial beings. Singing crystals are said to have also been used to assist spacecraft from other worlds during navigation and landing processes.

Utilisation of these crystals in the gridding process produces a superb force field. The gridding of areas of the Earth with the crystals can assist in stimulating communication and visitation by beings from other physical worlds. The singing crystal expresses the spectrum of sound and is compatible with the spectrum of light. It creates the very powerful, higher pitched Om vibration, bringing about the creative forces. The body can attune to this spectrum and can emanate the energy and reality of the higher self. They further help to bring joy to your life and encourage you to move to the rhythms of your own 'drum'.

In addition they can be used to open and release energy blockages, to align the energies of the body, to smooth the aura and to stimulate clairaudience. They also send a clear light frequency, through which the crystals can assist you in contacting analytical beings of other worlds. They have been used to bring communication from celestial beings. Singing crystals combine the healing vibrations of Mother Earth with the energy of the stars. They are useful in 'toning for health' and tend to promote 'rearrangement to perfection' of the cellular structures. They have also been used in the treatment of disorders of the ears and to stimulate the correction of hearing deficiencies.

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