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Quartz Geode Natural Crystal

Quartz Raw Geode Crystal Piece Natural 110mm QG1816

Quartz Geode Natural Crystal

Quartz Raw Geode Crystal Piece Natural 105mm QG1821

Quartz Raw Geode Crystal Piece Natural 100mm QG1814

  • Quartz Crystal Geode Piece
  • Very Low Price
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Quartz Raw Natural Geode Piece Crystal - Very Low Price

Due to the natural bed of the crystal particles may be left on the hand when holding leaving a 'dusty' feel

Measurements at Maximum:

100mm x 90mm

Weight: 480 Grams

Quartz: The all singing, all dancing crystal!

Good for the soul, powerfully dispels negativity in your own energy field and in the environs. Receives, activates, contains, amplifies and transmits energy, a good thought provoker and a friend to meditation, inspiring communication with the higher-self. Used as a tool for therapy, it is an excellent channel of healing. Mother of all stones. Healing: Use on all energy channels.

More Information
Crystal Type by Name Quartz
Crystal Size 70-100mm
Crystal Healing Properties & Meanings Acceptance & Change, Allergies, Anxiety & Worry, Arthritis, Bones & Joints, Asthma & Breathing, Balance, Blockages, Chakra (Base / Root), Chakra (Crown), Chakra (Heart), Chakra (Sacral), Chakra (Solar Plexus), Chakra (Third Eye), Chakra (Throat), Clarity, Insight & Wisdom, Cleansing, Confidence, Empowerment & Positivity, Fatigue & Stress, Health (General), Immune System, Meditation & Divination, Power & Strength, Psychic & Spiritual Development, Relaxation & Peace, Support & Trust
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