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Quartz Crystal Vogel Style Double Terminated Points Wand 25-30mm Chunky

Quartz Crystal Vogel Style Double Terminated Points Wands - Quantity Discounts
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Mini Quartz Crystal Vogel Style Wands - Chunky Wide Base - Made for Gifts and Guidance

Gorgeous mini Quartz crystal Vogel style double terminated points / wands.

Vogel wands are thought to be perfect healing tools, channelling powerful energy.

They have one end which is wider than the other, tapering to a point at the alternate end. Perfect for many uses including body placement during therapy treatments or self healing with crystals, crystal grids and webs.

Vogel Wands Information:

Brought to light by the findings and teachings of marcel Vogel (1917-1991), a research scientist who dedicated his later years to exploring the power of Quartz crystals. The 'vogel' wands use a feminine larger angled base which is the receptive end. This tapers to a smaller internal angled base to the masculine end, known as the transmitter end of the crystal. Traditionally the precise angles of the crystal at the feminine end were cut so the internal angle would correlate with the 51 degree angle of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The male would be cut to a more acute internal angle. There are only a couple of known places across the world who hand cut the vogels to these exact measurements; each vogel crystal wand costing upwards of £800. Therefore, not many people own these tools. I am so excited to be able to offer these mini Vogel Style wands at such affordable prices, enabling many people to be able to work with their energies and experience the benefits of these Quartz Wands.

A perfect size to use between finger and thumb; great for standard crystal wand work or deeper release / unhooking of 'energy attachments'. Ideal for use in aura cleansing!

Approx measurements at Max: 25mm - 30mm (2.5cm - 3cm) length x 11mm - 13mm (0.6cm - 1cm) at widest part / base (thinnest side approx 6-8mm)

Photo for Example Illustration - 1 Supplied

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Crystal Type by Name Quartz
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