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Zincite Crystals

Zincite Crystal Specimen from Poland High Grade Rare ZINCHG0030

Box of 12 Raw Crystal Specimens Healing Gemstones Rock Set

Box of 12 Raw Crystal Specimens Healing Gemstones Rock Set

Pyrite Fools Gold Crystals Pieces 500G Mineral Mass Big

  • Natural Pyrite
  • 500 Grams
  • Known as 'Fool's Gold'
Availability: In stock

500g Pyrite Mineral Gemstone Mass Pieces 'Fools Gold'

A great price for 500+ grams supplied - HALF A KILO

size approx 1"-3" (around 5-8 pieces) Price is for weight - amount as a guide only.

Picture is to show example of what typical raw pyrite looks like Pyrite

Please read information below on Pyrite 'Fools Gold' crystals:

Pyrite is an iron sulphide with a distinctive a pale brass-yellow colour. The name comes from Greek word " Pyr " meaning 'fire' because it gives off a characteristic spark when it is struck sharply. Pyrite is looks similar to gold and this visual similarity has caused many to mistakenly belive they are about to become rich. For this reason, Pyrite is often referred to as " Fool's Gold".

Ironically, small quantities of actual gold are sometimes found in Pyrite. In fact, auriferous (containing gold) Pyrite is a valuable ore from which gold is mined. Pyrite is a stone of intellect and protection. It enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. It can help your own latent mental talents and abilities.

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, and is very grounding.Pyrite is also known as Healer's Gold.

More Information
Crystal Type by Name Pyrite
Crystal Healing Properties & Meanings Chakra (Crown), Chakra (Solar Plexus), Chakra (Third Eye), Clarity, Insight & Wisdom, Confidence, Empowerment & Positivity, Confusion & Memory, Creativity & Happiness, Power & Strength, Protection & Negativity, Psychic & Spiritual Development
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