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CD Aromatherapy and Massage by Medwyn Goodall

CD Aromatherapy and Massage by Medwyn Goodall

CD Perfect Sleep by Medwyn Goodall

  • Perfect for relaxation and sleep
  • Medwyn Goodall range
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Perfect Sleep CD. Created in such a way as to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and induce sleep. Delicate continuous tones played on piano and guitars, produce an abstract sense of floating away. Get yourself ready for bed; have a nice warm bath, try and avoid alcohol or caffeine, dim the lights and put this album on. Let yourself be absorbed by the gentle sounds, it will cradle you aurally and gently rock you to sleep.Track Listing 1. Includes evening birdsong (known to help the natural rhythm of the body acknowledge that it is time to rest) 2. Includes the calming sound of a soft flowing stream (as we associate water with relaxation, holiday and fond memories, all of which assist sleep in a refreshing positive way).
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