Shungite - A mystery form of Carbon or a link to the unknown?

© Nikki Thompson-Guest
First introduced to Shungite as a unique form of Carbon, I knew I needed to work with (and meditate with) this mysterious light black lump as soon as possible! I was particularly excited that I knew nothing of what properties this is said to hold and, when writing this article, I am still waiting to read any others.
My connection with Shungite is very strong. I have several raw and smooth pieces which I work with. My absolute favourite way of working with Shungite so far has been with my wand. The ‘light channel’ that goes through the wand when I hold it is quite amazing.

This is the information I received so far:

Shungite works with any form of travel, whether physical or mental, and is of great service for any form of telepathy and astral travel. Shungite has several purposes here on Earth and the knowledge of this will increase over time to become well known.

One purpose is for the protection, earthing and neutralising of geopathic and electromagnetic stress, mainly the latter. Shungite urges us to use it for the protection against electronic equipment, pylons, wifi, and other items which affect people and the earth in a negative way.

Placing a piece of Shungite in all four corners of a room or a building can help grid the area, cleansing the space and clearing any negative energies present. The emphasis was clear on the ability for the transmutation of negative energy to positive energy.

Meditating with a piece will help improve guided meditations of travel, open psychic awareness, and unlock the mysteries to each of our individual soul paths; to help us understand and see more clearly, the road to our future.

Transportation between worlds and planets is accessible through Shungite, as it works with and uses the energy channels used for travel and communication by non-earthly beings. It understands and respects the universe, encouraging us to connect with it, to further understand and appreciate the wonders of the universe in which we are a part of.

I recommend carrying a piece around with you when you feel low, tired, in need of protection,  short of energy, or to help build your strength and offer 'support'.


Telepathy, Negativity Clearing, Travel, Non-Earthly Communications, Transportation, Strength, Support

© Nikki Thompson-Guest