The word ‘jewellery’ comes from the word ‘jewel’ and translates from languages dating back to Latin from the word ‘jocale’ as a ‘play thing’.

The idea of wearing or adorning ourselves with attractive items is believed to go back over 100,000 years to beads made of shells.

Jewellery is made for the sole purpose of looking attractive and with so much now to choose from we can cover ourselves from head to toe with beautiful items in many materials. Religions and various traditions have used jewellery items during ceremonies and rituals for a long time.

Many people over centuries of traditions have passed down for their techniques and purpose for design and stone choices for jewellery making. These are most known to be associated with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

With the awareness and appeal of healing gemstones; using crystals for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing increasing rapidly, as people become aware of the energy vibrations of healing crystals and the properties they hold for us to tap into on a healing level, we are able to see many beautiful and unusual gemstones being made into jewellery pieces for us to wear.

One of the most popular choices for jewellery is to use metals such as silver, gold and platinum alongside the gemstones. Due to the high prices of all of these metals but especially the latter two, silver is the often preferred choice; this is now becoming more difficult to find at affordable prices. The other problem is that with so many online companies now selling ‘silver’ jewellery with 925 stamps that are not actually legitimate, it makes it even more difficult for us to know what we are buying, thus making the online price comparisons difficult to gauge, especially with ebay (and other online markets) having many jewellery items sold from sellers which are not true sterling silver.

At Gifts and Guidance we currently have in a large range (over 400) of Sterling Silver with gemstone pendants with healing crystals such as Amethyst, Quartz, Jasper, Labradorite, Tourmanilated Quartz, Pietersite, Citrine Facet Cut, Rose Quartz Facet Cut, Black Onyx, Moonstone and many more to choose from ...

Sterling Silver jewellery should be tested for authenticity. Always use a reliable source to guarantee genuine sterling silver jewellery is what you are purchasing.