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Quartz High Clarity Cluster

Quartz High Clarity Cluster with Tabular, Channelling and Diamond Window Points

Apophyllite Cluster

Apophyllite Cluster - Reiki Attunement High Vibration Stone 0048

Apophyllite Cluster - Reiki Attunement High Vibration Stone

  • Stunning Apophyllite
  • Double terminations and cube formations
  • High Vibration Crystal
  • Exact set Supplied
Availability: Out of stock

Apophyllite Cluster with double terminations and cubes

OOFF0047 Measurements at Max:

100mm x 56mm x 45mm

169 Grams

About Apophyllite

Apophyllite crystals are powerful high vibration crystals, therefore are a popular choice for many people when working with Reiki energy and attunements. They also vibrate at frequencies said to align with angels and higher guidance. Apophyllite is a perfect crystal of choice when developing spiritually, psychically or emotionally as these crystals allow for higher chakras to be energised and awakened, raising our own vibrations to higher levels in which to work. Apophyllites are a favourite choice of mine for cleansing negativity, creating balance and harmony, and group meditation work.

More Information
Crystal Type by Name Apophyllite
Crystal Healing Properties & Meanings Abundance, Success & Wealth, Acceptance & Change, Addiction, Angels, Anger & Guilt, Anxiety & Worry, Balance, Blockages, Chakra (Crown), Chakra (Third Eye), Clarity, Insight & Wisdom, Cleansing, Communication & Truth, Compassion & Forgiveness, Confidence, Empowerment & Positivity, Fatigue & Stress, Friendship, Grief & Loss, Manifestation, Meditation & Divination, Pain Healing (Emotional), Protection & Negativity, Psychic & Spiritual Development, Relaxation & Peace, Sleep & Dreams, Travel
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